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                                         Twitter Can Be A Source Of Additional Cash

extra money from Twitter
You can make extra money from Twitter by increasing the number of people who follow you. It’s a numbers game. But, once you get lots of followers, you must be careful. There is always the temptation to simply tweet sales links and promotions with hopes that they will buy. When everybody does that, Twitter starts to look like an advertising board and your message simply gets lost. Unfortunately for the average person who’s 1) not famous 2) has no following and 3) is just starting out, the road to gaining followers can be time-consuming and by the time you get a few hundred followers, others will be way ahead of you by the thousands.
Since I started playing with Twitter automation, I went from 1800-2000 followers to over 4,000 as of this writing, Jun 2009. Nothing to brag about. I realize that I could have probably used a tool or two out there and boost my follower count to 10,000-15,000 but I didn’t think it would be wise until I got a real good feel for the automation and Twitter itself. If you plan on gaining followers a few dozen at a time, it would take you’re a long, long time to get to the point where you can generate traffic to your blogs from Twitter. That makes automation necessary and this report provides many resources for you.

But once you get those followers, select the ones you want to begin a social relationship with because at the end, that is what will really matter for your success. If you have 50,000 followers but no real social interaction going on with them, yes, the odds are you will be able to sell a few things since a small percentage of people will often buy something. But if you had a good relationship with 10% of those followers, 5,000 people, who have come to like you and trust you, how much more would they rely on your expertise, advice and yes, even products that you recommend?
Remember: At the other end of a tweet there is always someone who doesn’t appreciate being hit with ads or sales links. They will unfollow and ignore you. Most people on Twitter are smart and

educated individuals who don’t want anyone trying to reach into their pockets. Focus on building as many relationships as possible with your current followers, a few dozen or a few hundred but that’s important. Then move on to the next batch of followers and do the same. Treat your Twitter users as friends and not as consumers. Provide true value in everything you do on Twitter.

We shouldn’t build relationships with the sole purpose of selling stuff to people. Think of it as not annoying your relatives with business opportunities they have no interest in. If it doesn’t work in real life, it won’t work on Twitter. Remember the Golden Rule? It’s a proven concept! .